Information Technology (IT) in the conference service and event technical support is work of our IT Department. IT professional services in the technical implementation of the event are offered by our engineers:
- Multi-touch technology;
- Interactive plasma table:
- Interactive floor and wall;
- Touch screens;
- Web site programming and support;
- On-line registration of participants;
- CD and DVD discs printing, recording etc.;
- Interactive poll voting system and software;
- Network setup;
- Install / reinstall the operating system;
- System administrator work out of office.

Original solutions for exhibition and presentation equipment are popular among our clients. Using multi-touch technology (technology multiple simultaneous touches) increases interest of the participants to your stand.

Software development for the implementation of interactive technologies - interactive plasma table (surface-controlled interactive touch), as well as interactive floor and wall (real projection that responds instantly to movement), touch screens.

Web site programming and support, individual web pages creation is also our ability to advance conference or event level. Development of on-line registration of participants questionnaires, on-line feedback questionnaires and other online forms and documents are proposed for scale conferences and events.

We are good in working with data carriers - printing on CD and DVD discs, recording discs, disc duplication, production printing discs for events.

Interactive poll voting system and software allow you to quickly and efficiently receive and process the results of the survey audience. Interactive poll voting system is widely used during the workshops, conferences, seminars and trainings.

Interactive table and interactive surfaces are particularly effective at exhibitions and presentations, where the multimedia content is used for education, entertainment or advertising presentations and corporate information.

Also our IT specialist propose Network setup, Install / reinstall the operating system, Diagnosis and prevention of computer systems, System administrator work out of office.

Support and maintenance of computer equipment is the good investment in your event.

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