Scenario, script, moderator and all kinds of show and artists are the key points of our Event Department.
Interesting ideas for opening and closing of significant events are provided considering quality and the original holding of cultural and entertainment programs. Our events are held with well-known and talented leading performers and different genres. We find the most suitable solution for the format and budget of the client. Event are bright, alive and mentally.

For the cultural part of your event - whether it be a conference or corporate event - we are pleased to offer:
- Sand show (sand animation ) on your topic;
- Laser show (laserman);
- Fire show (open air and indoors);
- Light show, freak show;
- Singer (opera singer, pop singer etc);
- Brass band, jazz band;
- String quartet;
- Original ensemble: gypsy, Celtic , flamenco, folk one - accordion ensemble drummers show, background music, a lounge;
- Theatre troupe;
- Pop star;
- Show ballet;
- Musician, illusionist, double, clown, live sculpture;
- Leading, moderator, dj;
- Photographer, cameraman, lighting and sound equipment.

The repertoire is of a wide range of works by composers from different eras, styles and genres (classical, jazz, popular music, romance, music from films and musicals).

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